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Epic Escapades

Get ready for Epic Escapades by GDS Travel Solutions, where every adventure is a thrill ride of extravagance and excitement! Picture yourself sipping exotic cocktails on the pristine beaches of Colombia, soaking up the sun with every step. But that's just the beginning—brace yourself for the ultimate cruise experience aboard the Icon of the Seas, where luxury meets the high seas, and every moment is a breathtaking escapade. And hold onto your hats because Carnival Freedom is about to unleash a whirlwind of fun, laughter, and non-stop party vibes! Get ready to redefine your travel expectations, because with Epic Escapades, we're not just planning trips; we're curating experiences that will leave you craving more! 🌴🚢✨

Hold onto your passports because, starting 2025, Epic Escapades is taking travel to a whole new stratosphere! Picture this: a fresh start with unique terms and conditions tailored for the thrill-seekers and jet-setters of tomorrow. Limited spaces mean you're part of an exclusive squad experiencing the extraordinary. We're not just talking airport transfers – they're a non-negotiable part of the Epic Escapades experience. Elevate your stay with luxury room categories that redefine opulence. But wait, there's more! Hosted tours and private events will have you living like a VIP at every turn. And here's the cherry on top – flexible monthly payments that make your dream adventure as accessible as it is exhilarating. Epic Escapades 2025: because your journey should be as bold and unforgettable as you are! 🚀🌍

Don't just follow the travel trend – set it ablaze with Epic Escapades 2025! Ready for a revolution in wanderlust? Be the trailblazer, the trendsetter, the jet-set dreamer. Dive into a world of exclusive experiences, luxurious accommodations, and unforgettable moments. Want to be the first to catch the travel fever? Jump on our contact list now! Don't just wait for the adventure – be the adventure. Get ready to redefine travel in 2025, and trust us, you won't want to miss this epic journey. Secure your spot on the list, because the boldest adventures await those who dare to be first! 🚀🌟🌍 #EpicEscapades2025 #BeTheFirstToKnow

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New for 2025!

July 2025 - Cartegena, Colombia - Dreams Karibana Cartegena
October 2025 - Carnival Freedom

November 2025 - RCCL Icon of the Seas



2024 Remaining Group Offerings

Adults-Only In Aruba | Greece By Sea​ | Momcation 2024

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