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Setting Sail with Virgin Voyages: What Makes This Cruise Line Stand Out?

Updated: May 23

This time we embarked on Virgin Voyages Dominican Daze, June 23-28, 2023 sailing. This picture was taken on the morning of embarkation from our Jr. Suite Bayview at the Hilton Miami Downtown on June 23, 2023.

Scarlet Lady June 2023

On our last voyage, Terminal V was still under construction. Now, we've got the complete Virgin Voyages experience from start to finish! The terminal sits in a prime spot in Biscayne Bay, offering a full view of the entire ship. If you're like me and love watching cruise ships dock, this is the perfect spot. I couldn't wait for 1:30 pm to arrive, sipping my morning Starbucks and eagerly anticipating the arrival of this beauty!

We chose the Cheeky Corner Suite, this time with the most massive terrace (wait for those pics!). Total rockstars once again! Traveling with a group, and as their agent, secured the same boarding time as my husband and me, no matter their sailing status! 🌟

Terminal V has two drop-off points: one for rockstar sailors and one for everyone else. Unaware at first, coming off our private transport (arranged by yours truly, the travel agent), but the dock team was on point! Shared our cabin number, and they were already directing us where to go! 🚢✨

Once we entered the Rock Star area, the rest is pretty much history! It took all of two minutes to get checked in, get our wristbands, get through security and to the elevator to the Rock Star Lounge to board the ship!

The Palm Lounge is Virgin Voyages, Rock Star Lounge where you can take a minute to decompress, gather your thoughts, a refreshment, and a snack, before your vacation begins! To be quite honest, and from the looks of it, not much time was spent here because, I'm sure, every traveler was ready to plunge into action! We're on vacation without the KIDS, what are we waiting for!?!?

We entered the ship and headed directly to the Rock Star check-in lounge at The Manor, got the lay of the land from our Rock Star Agents and headed on our way! To cabin 14011A, the Cheeky Corner Suite with the Biggest Terrace!!!


How much time would you spend in the pre-boarding lounge?

  • 0%30 minutes

  • 0%15 minutes

  • 0%Why wait?!?!



Cheeky Corner Suite - Biggest Terrace - 14011A

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