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Our 1st Vaccinated Voyage... Part 2!

Sooo, in the first post I mentioned that I'd reformatted the memory card by accident somehow. Since then, I've be scouring every cloud drive I'm a member of for any auto uploads in hope of finding additional pictures and videos. I was successful in finding a few more that I hope will give you the same energy the experience gave me!

I've re-added the initial video of us walking into the Cheeky Corner Suite to set the tone...

So, the Cheeky Corner Suite, 8011A is at the back of the ship, which I don't mind at all, and has a large balcony as cruise ship balconies go. It took me a while to even consider going on a cruise, because I had some of the same general anxieties that others have. Some people have expressed not wanting to cruise because:

  1. "'I'm claustrophobic"

  2. "I can't swim"

  3. "I can't get off the ship"

  4. "What if I get bored"

  5. "I'm scared of the water"

With the exception of 2 and 5, I'm "some people" LOL! Like, I can barely take a shower with the door closed claustrophobic! When I took my first cruise back in the olden, olden times, I learned that I needed to have a balcony cabin on every cruise. I'm saying this to say the Cheeky Corner Suite, was a hell of a balcony!

Unfortunately, the videos that I was able to save, weren't (I REPEAT) taken when we first arrived. After I realized I'd reformatted the memory card, I tried to recreate the moment. Of course, I failed, but the important thing is that you get a feel for the cabin, and what it would look like after your 3rd day aboard LOL!

If you've cruised before, you know that closet space like in NYC is a hot commodity. Therefore, having two closets on a cruise ship was an added bonus! I brought a closest saver compartment (one of the many gifts I give to clients who book suite cabins and above), and even with that, I felt like we had enough space to completely unpack as if we were at a resort.

The bathroom was maybe a little bigger than your standard cruise ship bathroom, but I love how they maximized the space that was made available. I didn't feel like I was about to hit my knee on the sink when trying to get in the shower :o)

I feel like using the length of the allocated space for the bathroom instead of the width, made for a better bathroom experience. The shower was a decent size, as you can see, you could even sit down.

I've been in many of cabins the other cruise lines consider suites, but none will be able to match this suite. I honestly felt like I was in a resort room, and not on a cruise ship! Ample space, double patio doors, wraparound terrace. It's really the first time my husband sincerely enjoyed the patio. It's one thing to take a nap on another cruise line balcony, but on this balcony, he could actually lay flat and decompress. Remember, there are NO KIDS AROUND, so your parent spidey senses are COMPLETELY TURNED OFF! I think I watched three movies back-to-back in total PEACE! No interruptions, no going to the bathroom and coming back only to find that you are now watching Mickey Mouse and friends. Did I mention that I am an introvert? Yah, so, this was absolutely perfecto in every way for me! Hubby on the terrace, me watching a movie in peace. A movie, I'm sure I've seen a million time already! Not to mention the room service, and in room cocktails ready to go!

Now, to add some context to the terrace video... We had returned back to Miami (tears!!), and it was a very windy morning! Even still, you get the gist of the effectiveness of the experience.

We're currently booked for our next Virgin Voyage, June 23-28, 2023. This time we're getting the Cheeky Corner Suite, with the EVEN BIGGER TERRACE (yes, that's literally what it's called), and I can't wait!

Here are more photos and videos taken around the ship. Enjoy! Like! Comment! Ask me any questions! Join us on our next adventure, because YOU'RE INVITED!!!

Please click here to get the full story by reading Part 1!!!

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