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Now that the masks are coming off, are you ready to go?

With enough information to make your head explode as it relates to whether or not to wear a mask or to vaccinate, it's become a real brain teaser to determine your next move. Well, my next move. As a travel agent, I always make it a point to keep up to date with the latest requirements to make sure my clients have the latest and greatest information before they leave. However, this is becoming a real 2000 piece puzzle everyday. If you're fully vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask in most cases. However, you still have to wear them in the airports until at least September 1, 2021, AND individual establishments have the right to continue mask protocols. With that in mind, how comfortable are you with continued use of the mask? If you're vaccinated, how comfortable are you with being around those who are not vaccinated? If you're not vaccinated, how comfortable are you being excluded if individual policies deny your participation?

I, for one am SOOOO READY for my next REAL vacation, but have just as much anxiety about traveling as I do excitement. While I am definitely ready to go, and am pro vaccination, I understand that it is a personal choice and really feel bad for those who decide not to get vaccinated and may find themselves left behind. Also, just as excited as I am that we're getting to a point where we'll soon be able to discard the masks, I have just as much anxiety about letting them go... The dichotomy of all dichotomies. To mask or not to mask, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. What are you thoughts? I'd love to hear them. Are you ready to go? Will the diminishing mask mandates and vaccination requirements sway your reentry into vacation land, one way or the other?

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