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  • Shana

Corona Chronicles

COVID, COVID, COVID! Are we back to normal or naw?

Who could've imagined we'd be living through the next plague! Like in real life! When I first launched this blog, I fully intended to post regularly, engage you guys to really take your thoughts, ideas and fantasies and turn them into adventures! It's what I love to do! It's what I live for! I never could've guessed that my flight home from SFO on March 6, 2020 would be my last flight until March 3, 2021. To know me is to know that the airport is my happy place! I play a little game with myself as I walk through the terminals. I read the destination of each gate and to tally whether or not I've been to there. More times than not, I have! If you've never done this, try it! If you find that your tally is not where you want it to be, that's where I come in! States are opening up; within the last couple of weeks, both Texas and Mississippi have abandoned all COVID protocols as requirements and are allowing residents and visitors alike to go as they please. While there are mixed feelings about this, this is at least a start in being able to assess what normal is and what it will look like moving forward. Either these are great ideas and will pave the way to more states to abandon protocols, or it will provide a huge database of lessons learned for the rest of us!

Cabin fever, much?

If you're like me, you're dying for a shoreline and beautiful sunset! I've been in the house literally for a year, and it's time! I've booked more vacations for travel within the next 30 days than I have in the last year! Everyone is going somewhere but me! :) I'm thinking it's time for an island! Which one? What about COVID protocols? Where would you like to go? What islands are on your bucket list? My bucket list consists of visiting every island in the Caribbean! What about you? Where to next?

Vaccine or no?

On top of living in the movie Contagion, we're now in a place where vaccines are available and the opportunity to get vaccinated is there. Just thinking about it creates anxiety! To vaccine or not to vaccine, what's the question again? What about the kids?

While it doesn't appear that getting vaccinated is going to be a requirement to function in society in general, it appears that the trend to require vaccination to travel to certain destinations will be a real thing. Cruise lines are already rolling out updates that feel like vaccinations will be required to participate. How do you feel about that? Will you stop traveling if destinations start requiring vaccinations? Is this a good idea? What are your thoughts! Let's discuss!


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